Steel Fabrication

Oxy cutting

With flame cutting we can profile carbon and low steel such as Mild Steel and Quench & Tempered Steel between 10mm and 150mm.
Our reliable oxy cutting machines together with our high definition machining can fulfil almost any profile cutting requirements.
Oxy cutting machines are ideal for producing industrial weights, counterweights and heavy componentry, from complex one-off designs to bulk orders.

Design & Engineering

Experience engineering design department for thermal & mechanical processes with capability to support projects & ensure execution in the best possible way to provide our clients the best delivery dates and budgets.

Accustomed to working within pressure, time-critical environments to meet our client requirements.

We work over client drawings although we can help with engineering to find better & more cost-efficient solutions.

Strong points of Navacel:

- Capacity to work with clients in new and innovative products to develop a satisfactory outcome.

- Our engineering works together with our production line, they are not losing the focus or experience.